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  • 24 hours
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Duration: 8 hours (1 full day)
Duration:Prerequisite: preferred minimum basic hands on Linux and MS Windows, and IP Networking essentials.
Course Outline
One Day

  • Introduction
  • ICS/SCADA Cyber Security Core Knowledge
    • ICS/OT systems definitions, architecture and components.
    • ICS/OT vs IT systems.
    • Possible risks in ICS/OT environments.
    • Cyber security threats to ICS/OT systems.
    • ICS/OT systems vulnerabilities.
    • Real cyber incidents in ICS/OT
    • ICS/OT common protocols
  • Lab – Simulating ICS/OT attack.
  • How to protect ICS/OT/SCADA environment?
    • Secure ICS/OT Systems architecture
    • Control Systems ICS/OT Cyber Security Frameworks and Standards