ICS / OT Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Service

SecuriCIP provides comprehensive ICS / OT Cyber Security services following international standards such as ISA/IEC 62443 Security and ISO 27005, and our risk assessments covers people, polices and procedures, and technology.
With this cyber security risk assessment service, we identify potential risks that may have safety, operations, financial, reputation, regulatory and legal impact, we prioritize the identified risks and we develop treatment plans to ensure that the risks are managed and within the acceptable levels to the organization.

ICS / OT cyber security assessments and treatment requires experienced and qualified cyber security consultants in ICS / OT environments, the generic IT or information security skills is not sufficient to meet the capability requirements needed to assess ICS / OT security.

SecuriCIP do the assessments with clear understanding the criticality of operational critical environments and our methodology are built for such environments. Our teams conducted several ICS / OT cyber security assessment and have the experience and knowledge to recommend the right and applicable risk treatment options that could be implement and compatible with ICS / OT systems.

SecuriCIP Cyber Security Risk Assessment service typically includes:

  • Assets Identification
  • Impact Assessment
  • Threat Assessment and Modeling
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Risk Analysis and Evaluation
  • Risk Treatment Plan