Terms of Use


Payment Terms: Payment must be received in full prior to the course start date. Booking confirmations left unpaid within 30 days shall be considered canceled. If you book on any course within 30 days before the course is due to start, then payment is due immediately.

Photography and Video: Occasionally, SecuriCIP takes photographs and videos which may be used to help promote our training courses and help students. By booking into a course/event you are confirming that you are aware of this and have no objections to your photos or videos appearing in any material issued by ourselves after the course. However, if for any reason you do not wish us to use your image or voice, please let us know by sending a clear request to info@securicip.com, our reply to your message is mandatory to confirm that we received the request.

Cancellation and Refunds Policy: SecuriCIP recognizes that due to a range of circumstances, some students may not be able to proceed with their intended course after they have paid money to SecuriCIP. SecuriCIP Refund Policy provides the following advice for students who wish to withdraw from a course provided by SecuriCIP:


Cancellation by the Applicant:

1. The applicant will be entitled to a 100% minus any transaction fees refund if he/she cancels by at least 30 calendar days before the course scheduled start date.

Cancellation request must be written, received on info@securicip.com more than 30 calendar days before the course scheduled start date, and receipt must be confirmed by SecuriCIP.

2. The applicant cancels his/her enrollment within 30 days from starting the class, 40% of the total fees will be deducted and he/she will be entitled to only 60% refund.

3. The applicant cancels his/her enrollment after starting classes. In this case, the Applicant shall not be entitled to any refund.


Cancellation by SecuriCIP:

SecuriCIP reserves the right to cancel, move and reschedule a training event or course due to circumstances that are beyond SecuriCIP control, such as trainer illness or low attendance. Reasonable efforts will be made to contact and notify clients of any alterations to their training event or course. The applicant will be subject to a full refund in case of the following:

• The course is canceled by SecuriCIP;

• The course is rescheduled by SecuriCIP to a date and time unsuitable to the participant.


Substitution of the registered course is not an option unless agreed in writing with SecuriCIP on a case by case basis.

Any refunds will be made onto the original mode of payment; e.g. if you made a payment using your Debit / Credit card, then the refund will be made back to your Debit / Credit Card.

SecuriCIP will not be liable for any fluctuation in exchange rates or bank charges for refund transactions.

The manager is responsible for implementing the refund policy. Applications for refunds must be made in writing and the decision of the manager is the final.

If a relevant third-party vendor, certification body, or service provider alters their examination fee or material cost, SecuriCIP reserves the right to adjust the relevant training course prices to reflect such alterations.

Fair Usage Policy and Intellectual Property Rights apply to the access to study materials and the prohibition of material dissemination.